We represent over 60 concrete plants and approximately 90 percent of the ready mixed concrete poured in Saskatchewan.

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12 December 2017

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7 December 2017

RT @BuildStrength: It’s not complicated: choosing #concrete over #wood-frame means less risk. And the lower the risk, the more money you sa…

7 December 2017

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4 December 2017

RT @BuildStrength: Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are the building blocks of strength. Take a look at how #ICFs work and find out what mak…

4 December 2017

RT @LogixLiving: Logix XtraComfort™ Homes built with Logix #insulatedconcreteforms are 50% quieter than regular homes, allowing you to slee…

30 November 2017

#Concrete highways: ✅Use 66% less #energy to build & maintain than asphalt highways ✅ use 73% less #aggregate than… Visit Link

29 November 2017

RT @McSweeneyCAC: .#Cement & #Concrete Industry champions 3-screen Life Cycle Costing approach for #infrastructure decisions. Best way to g…

29 November 2017

RT @McSweeneyCAC: What isn’t being told is that #wood bldg, #BrockCommons at #UBC, COST 10-12% more than a #Concrete bldg. Only when tax do…

Who We Are

The SRMCA has been around since 1963 when it started out as the Prairie Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Then in 1983 the name was changed to the Saskatchewan Ready Mixed Concrete Association Inc.

The Prairie name was dropped because Alberta (ARMCA) and Manitoba (MRMCA) had both started their own associations. The Prairie Region Mixer is now the official quarterly newspaper for the three organizations. They work together on marketing, promotion, technical advancement, and training on an ongoing basis.

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