We represent over 60 concrete plants and approximately 90 percent of the ready mixed concrete poured in Saskatchewan.

Concrete & The Environment

Concrete is Green

Environmental Benefits

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Concrete Mix

On the right is a sample concrete mix. Different proportions of materials are used depending upon how the concrete will be used.

Concrete and the Use of SCMs

Although the embodied energy associated with concrete is already low, it can be further reduced through the use of Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCMs). When used judiciously, SCMs can enhance long-term concrete properties as well. To ensure desired performance, the substitution of fly ash for more than 30% or slag for more than 35% of the portland cement in concrete should be considered a high volume SCM application and its suitability for the intended use should be pre-qualified.

Concrete and the Use of Blended Cements

Although it is most common to use SCMs for replacing some of the cement in a concrete mixture, an alternative is blended cement. Fly ash, blast furnace slag or silica fume are added to the raw cement itself during the grinding stage of production. The advantages of using blended cement include expanded production capacity, reduced CO2 emissions, reduced fuel consumption and close monitoring of the quality of SCMs.

Overall, the increased use of SCMs in cement and concrete leads to an equivalent reduction of GHG emissions.


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